Photographer of Private Boudoir and Individual Portrait Sessions

Located in Castle Rock, CO, Photography By LK specializes in private Boudoir & various types of Individual Portrait Sessions.

Hello & Welcome!

Photography By LK is owned & operated by LK Taylor, a portraiture photographer who specializes in boudoir and portrait sessions.  While it's true that just about anyone can take a picture these days, as a Photographer, my passion is to capture the story behind the picture; the personality beneath the person; the inner as well as the outer beauty.  My images will show you the beauty that others see; beauty that we often can't see in ourselves. So, contact me!  I can help you build your self-confidence, reclaim your sexiness, and empower your life!  And, because my style is relaxed and my focus is you, we will be able to create mesmerizing images AND some fun memories!